A New Direction in Photovoltaics

The Problem:

Single layer silicon solar cells are approximately 20% efficient – insufficient for┬ácharging mobile devices and often uneconomical to install in space limited areas, such as small or shaded rooftops, which can account for nearly 60% of homes in the United States.

Higher efficiency multi-layered solar cells currently on the market are prohibitively expensive and relegated to niche markets. New research advancements are often not viable outside of the laboratory setting.

Columbus Photovoltaics Solution:

High efficiency, ultra-thin solar cells developed with proprietary technology may dramatically improve solar device efficiency from 20% to >30% when combined with standard silicon cells.

New Columbus Photovoltaic technology enhances rooftop solar cells with ultra-thin topping layers, each half the thickness of a human hair, improving efficiency and reducing the size requirements for rooftop panels and unlocking savings in balance of system (BOS) costs.

Climate, pollution and energy resource challenges are intensifying around the world.  
The need for transformative new solar technology to address these global problems has never been greater.

The world is shifting to mobile connectivity and mobile charging is crucial.  A powerful Columbus Photovoltaics solar charging cell can enhance the impact of nearly every portable electronic device for users. Efficient, affordable solar charging is the key to true mobility.

Despite an abundant energy source and decades of scientific development, solar only comprises a fraction of global energy production. A major technological advance is required for the solar industry to reach its full potential. We are excited to play our part in advancing the industry.