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Technology Summary

Columbus Photovoltaics is developing technology to increase the efficiency of solar panels using a new system for power generation combined with low-cost semiconductor materials. By layering its proprietary ultra-thin solar cell on top of existing silicon solar panels, more of the solar spectrum can be absorbed and turned into electricity – including visible light – without concentrating lenses. A highly efficient solar cell provides more power output with a smaller size footprint. This is critical to support the rapid charging needs of mobile devices, electric vehicles, Internet of Things applications, military, and home and commercial solar installations.

Intellectual Property

The company has obtained worldwide patent protection for its core technology. Patent applications for new discoveries continue to be filed globally to strengthen and broaden the company’s patent portfolio. The company intends to license its intellectual property to strategic industry partners.

Research & Development

Columbus Photovoltaics is developing a prototype of its novel solar cells for commercial applications. Research is conducted at independent facilities and through sponsored research programs with major universities. Current and past partners include Missouri University of Science & Technology, Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology & University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Columbus Photovoltaics was founded in 2011. The company is based in New York City, with on-site research offices at partner university laboratories.